Elena Lape

Developer Experienced & Experienced Developer

Founder & Head of Engineering @ Holopin

UK, USA, Worldwide

Hello! You can call me 'Elle-en-uh. I'm the founder of Holopin, the platform for digital badges that organizations use for micro-recognition and gamification. Our mission is to shake up traditional ways of recognizing achievements and engaging with communities.

Before Holopin, I was a consultant helping big players in the Kubernetes and API space level up their developer experience and open-source strategy. I'm a full-stack dev and have worked with technologies like JavaScript/TypeScript, React+Node.js, Postgres, Firebase, Docker, Kubernetes, and StackOverflow. Built integrations for Lens, AWS EKS, Rancher, HP, and OpenShift. Also, at GitHub I was a Product Partnerships Manager, grew the program from 20 to over 100 partners bringing over $200K value to the program per user.

Tech aside, I speak English, Spanish and Lithuanian fluently, can read books in German and even read toddler books in Persian (فارسی) and Russian. When I'm not working, you can usually find me either playing the drums or hitting the nearest CrossFit box.