Elena Lape

Developer Experienced & Experienced Developer

Founder & Head of Engineering @ Holopin

UK, USA, Worldwide

Greetings! I am Elena (Elle-en-uh), the founder of Holopin, a platform for digital badges used by organizations for micro-recognition and gamification. Our mission is to revolutionize traditional methods of recognizing achievements and engaging communities.

Previously, I worked as a consultant in the Kubernetes and API space, helping major players enhance their developer experience and open-source strategy. As a full-stack developer, I have expertise in JavaScript/TypeScript, React+Node.js, Postgres, Firebase, Docker, Kubernetes, and StackOverflow. I have built integrations for Lens, AWS EKS, Rancher, HP, and OpenShift. At GitHub, I successfully grew the Product Partnerships program from 20 to over 100 partners, delivering significant value of over $200K per user.

Aside from my technical background, I am fluent in English, Spanish, and Lithuanian, with the ability to read German literature. Additionally, I can read toddler books in Persian (فارسی) and Russian. Outside of work, I enjoy playing the drums and participating in CrossFit activities.